by Dragon

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Thanks to Nick, Hays, Christian, The Yorktown Band, The Boat and The Walrus, Rue's, Band Camp, Mr. Norris, Bonnie, Economists, Brian, Brian, Mercersburg, Chocolate Milk, Hydraulic Lifts, Mr. N, Three 6 Mafia, T.R., The Planetarium, Big Macs, Shorties, B.P., and you.

Stay tuned for the sonically revelatory and highly anticipated tracks Famous Paul, La-a, and Bees, coming soon to an Internet near you.


released November 14, 2013

Will Pattie – vocals, guitar, desert eagle scream, harmonium, space synth

JD Slaughter – vocals, guitar, bass, vibraslap, shaker

Peter Ketcham-Colwill – vocals, tambourine, shaker

Jon Bell – vocals, guitar, bongos, set, guiro

Recorded and mixed by Nick Anderson

Mastered by Hays Holliday

Album Art by Christian Blunda



all rights reserved


Dragon Arlington, Virginia

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Track Name: Dragon
We have a dilemma about
playing our rock tunes for you

Dragon will rock you blind

Don’t try to run, don’t try to hide
Dragon will rock you hard, dragon will rock you blind
Track Name: Band Camp Shorty
Shortay, shortay shortay-ee

Girl, I think you’re fine
I saw you notice my 8 to 5s
So please, please please don’t fret when you
Got me marching out of step

I wanna be somebody who can free your mind
Get you centered on the 50 yard line
And oh we’re gonna take it to the chorus
But not before a shoutout to Mr. Norris

Band camp crush, crush crush

The end is near and it makes me sick but girl
You still can’t read on my poker chips

Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read on my
Poker chips

Next year’s camp can’t come too soon, and girl
We can meet in the common room
Let’s watch the tape from last year’s show,
But girl sshhh, here comes my solo

You don’t wanna see this heart ache, better get
Up with me at the next water break
I know you got that sensitive skin
I got that SPF 1000 I can rub it in

We can even play our major scales, cause you know
My intonation it never fails
I say yes I say no
Maybe sometimes maybe yes, maybe yes and maybe no

Band camp crush, crush crush

Girl you know I’m gonna have you marchin 6 to 5
We’re goin so fast it makes me feel like I’m alive
Shorty I know you not in my section but
Could you point me in the right direction

Cause you my primary girl and my primary cover
I promise you shorty there will be no other
When people yelling out cover down cover down
You know I don’t see no other girls around

But then I check my diagonal and what do you know
Another shorty sweeter than the one before
I said baby girl your roll step smooth as silk
Would you like to join me for a glass of chocolate milk
Creamy and delicious and nutritious it’s the bomb
This milk is off the chain I could drink it all night long

Band camp crush, crush crush
Track Name: Food Chain
I’m little bittle kitty
And I like my cat food
Put it in my container
Don’t get any plainer

I’m a big fat walrus
And I like to eat food
Like the little kitty
It sho’ is a pity

I’m a big fat tug boat
And I like to putter around
In the bay with the walrus
In the bay with the walrus

I’m a big fat nuclear bomb
And I like to blow up stuff
Like the boat and the walrus
Nothing rhymes with walrus

Know your part in the food chain
Know your part in the food chain

I’m a little kitty in space
Track Name: Economist
I don’t want to be an economist
Crunching numbers in my head all day, it’s just not who I am

I would rather be something other than
An economist who never sees the light of day

Oh I go to work and slave all day
But for what, this lousy pay?
It is you that I am thinking of all day

In my cubicle there’s a picture frame
Of a man who I have never met, I think his name is Stew

Inside the cubicle there’s a calendar
It’s counting down the days ‘til I retire, it’s only 30 years

Oh I go to work and slave all day
But for what, this lousy pay?
It is you that I am thinking of all day

Coming home from work, I stop by the store
Gonna pick us something up to eat, a big ol’ bag of Trix

Walking in the door, you’re sitting very still
Girl I tell ya that you’re lookin good, and growing more each day

Oh I go to work and slave all day
But for what, this lousy pay?
It is you that I am thinking of all day

My Chia Pet
Cha cha cha Chia

Go to work and slave all day
But for what, this lousy pay?
It is you that I am thinking of all day

My Chia Pet
Cha cha cha Chia
Track Name: Scissor Lift
I snuck outside and I
Went to your window and I
Picked up a rock and I
Threw it at your window

So you walked to your window
You got close to your window
Tried to open your window
But your window was locked

So you unlocked your window
And you opened your window
Stuck your face out your window and got hit by a rock

My bad, my bad, my bad, my bad
My bad, my bad, my bad, I feel really really bad

So I held your hand, and we
Went for a walk
Said I was hungry, so let’s
Hit up Manchu Wok

So we both saw the sparks
I said where you wanna park?
She said I’m afraid of sharks
Not at the aquarium
So we looked to the stars
Clouds were covering the stars
So we went to see the stars at the planetarium

Make out, make out, make out, make out
Make out, make out, make out, oh please let us make out

Jupiter and Mars
Black holes and stars
Mr. Papelian
Space Station Mir
Chicken strips

Now we’ve seen the planets and stars
And I hope our love will blossom
I’ve got a way to take you there
And I think it’s pretty awesome

The scissor lift!

I know you want the clouds and the stars
But I think that you may see
Our love can go just as high as the branches of a
Moderately tall tree

The scissor lift.